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Own a 2 or 3bhk home by paying just 5% and no EMI till possession under GST free affordable housing scheme.

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All you need to know about affordable housing projects

People are always looking for affordable plots in Noida to make their dream home. But that dream is really expensive. Lodging in India fluctuates from royal residences of recent maharajas to current condo structures in enormous urban communities to small cabins in far-flung towns. There has been a huge development in India's lodging part as livelihoods have risen.

With modernization there is a developing number of atomic families, in which each couple possesses its own particular house after marriage. It is as yet uncommon, but not feasible, among customary groups for senior people to live alone. It is to a great degree uncommon even in urban regions for couples to live respectively before marriage.

But if you go to villages, you will still see people bathing outside in lakes or rivers. They cook food in earthen stoves. Sit outside for hours because of lack of electricity. It is quite shocking to see the kind of living standards they have. That’s why Government came up with affordable housing scheme, so that each citizen of India has a roof on top of his head.

Meaning of Affordable Housing

So, why is affordable housing important to Indian citizens? If you research properly, you will get to know that most of India’s population are living in very poor condition. This scheme was brought by the Government to provide affordable housing to those people who can’t really afford homes and plots. Government has done a lot to provide people residing in Delhi/NCR and rest of India a better living condition.

Understanding Pradhan MantriAwaasYojna

Pradhan MantriAwaasYojna started in June 2015. The Government wanted to offer pucca houses to all its citizen where they will be provided with running water and electricity all the time. The scheme was mainly launched for economically weaker sections who earn lesser than 3 lakhs a year and for lower income group earning lesser than 6 lakhs per year. But now giving benefits to Mid-income group as well. There are many affordable houses available in Uttar Pradesh, all thanks and credit goes to PMAY.

Why people are considering Noida for affordable housing?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Noida is full of ready-to-move-in houses which are arguably affordable than Delhi and also are brand new, whereas Delhi has to offer resale houses. Not everyone wants to go to an already used house. If you check Noida extension projects, you will not be surprised to see so many residential plots in Noida taken by the builders and working extensively to give you the best option. Gurgaon is without a doubt full of top notch property projects but are comparatively expensive which are making people shift to Noida. But, if you still want to check out for some affordable housing projects in Gurgaon then we might have something stored for you which may interest you.

What do you want to know about affordable housing scheme?

Affordable housing scheme was introduced by the Government under PMAY scheme to give equal opportunity to everyone who dreams to own a house. As per this scheme by 2022, we should have about 20 million households.

So, who is eligible for this scheme?

There are three categories under this scheme.

1.EWS, which stands for economically weaker section who earns less than 3 lakhs a year

2.LIG, which is low-income group, earning less than 6 lakhs a year

3.And then we have MIG, mid-income group earning less than 12 lakhs a year

People who are married and have unmarried children are only eligible to benefit from this scheme. The adult earning member of the family shouldn’t have a pucca house to be eligible for this scheme and also they shouldn’t have taken any central assistance or help under any housing scheme.

Affordable property, the smart choice

Always double check before investing your hard-earned money on a property. Affordable housing projects are available everywhere, you only need to check for it properly. Kolkata is another big city that people thrive to shift to. Affordable housing projects in Kolkata are also available with us. As we said. You just need to investigate properly.

Be it anywhere in India, whether you are looking for some commercial property in Noida or just taking a look before deciding something. We are here to help you with your search.

We have scrutinize the best residential projects in Noida and every big cities of India so that you don’t need to jump from places to places in search of a property.