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What is Coworking Space and All Cool Facts About It That are Worth Knowing!

With the increasing popularity of Coworking, more and more people are raising a common question, What is Coworking Space? Well, this post will provide you comprehensive answer to this question along with details of all basics of Co working Space.

What is Coworking Space?

Coworking Space Concept is basically an arrangement where workers and employees from different companies share an office space in a common place. This allows higher cost savings as well as convenience as they use the same infrastructure along with utilities, equipments, receptionists and custodial services and also the refreshments and parcel acceptance services. It is the working space in general where workers from different companies come together in neutral space to work independently or in group and share the common infrastructure to cut cost. It is different from the traditional office settings as employees in the Co working Space usually not work for the same company. This working environment offers almost all the amenities that you find in traditional office with some extras. The primary difference is the flexibility because you are not required to sign any long term lease agreement for the Space Office.

Is it Coworking or Co-working Space?

There is a long term debate going on whether Coworking Space is hyphenated or the term is combined as Coworking. Many people want to know Is It Coworking or Co-working Space? Some of the text shows that the term is hyphenated and this is due to AP Stylebook distributed to the journalists across the world. This is the stylebook that lets you know the correct punctuation and spelling of all English Words. Considering the Stylebook, the term Co working must be hyphenated and this term is already passed down in many publications. But Coworking is the new concept in the industry itself and hence it doesn’t relate to several conventional words or terms. Therefore, it can be spelled either as Co working Space or with hyphen Co-working Space, both the ways are correct as the Coworking Space Meaning remains the same in both the case.

Biggest Advantages of Coworking Space

Community: The Biggest Advantages of Coworking Space is that it offers a sense of community. Working in such environment allows you to see familiar and regular faces and it is truly amazing to see how the community helps each other to succeed in the projects.

Motivation: Working in such environment offers a sense motivation and optimizes the productivity levels when you are working in a space sated with driven people. You will find no reason to slack off and you will always remain motivated towards you goal.

Higher Flexibility: One of the greatest Coworking Space Benefits is that it offers ultimate flexibility as you are not bound by ant long term lease. You will find out many exciting deals with Coworking Space in your city. This is the great option for start-up with limited budget for infrastructure.

Networking: When you will be working in middle of so many likeminded people it would become easier for you to build a strong network of people which will offer you new opportunities in future. Opportunities will be limitless and it would start flowing in organically.

Who Uses Coworking Spaces?

Coworking Space is the new concept and widely accepted by the freelancers and start-ups with limited budget for infrastructure. But, it is not only the budget conscious start-ups and freelancers who reap the benefits of Coworking Space, but there are other professionals who make use of Coworking Space Design and concept today. Below are some professionals Who Uses Coworking Spaces.

Remote Workers: Since remote workers work like freelancers from remote locations, having pay as to use type of settings can help them save fortune. This is where Coworking Space comes to their rescue. It is also the great option to meet other entrepreneurs and optimal destination to network.

Small Businesses: Small businessmen usually don’t have huge budget for leasing space for office and hence Coworking Space can prove to be a great option for them as it has no upfront cost to get the required office settings.

Enterprises: Almost all global enterprises today make use of Coworking Spaces to handle all their workspace needs. They have many freelancers and working staffs sated in different parts of the world and it is not possible of enterprises to setup offices in all locations. So, they prefer using Coworking Space.

Top 5 Tips to Consider When Choosing Coworking Space!

Since the concept of Coworking Space is gaining popularity, more and more workforces are planning to use it in coming years and hence it is necessary that you make the right selection. Here are Top 5 Tips to Consider When Choosing Coworking Spaces.

Location: The primary factor to consider is the location of Coworking Space. You must ensure choosing the space that is within sensible commuting distance from your house. You may search online to find the Coworking Space Near Me and ensure that all the conveniences are within the reach.

Work Environment: Whether you need dedicated work space or you can work in any open space with meeting rooms, is there any legal restriction on ruining your business or other? You need ensure that you choose the right environment to fulfil the basic needs of your business.

Community: Every Coworking Space is different and it attracts diversified workforce from local neighbourhoods who come to work in this environment. So, prior to choosing any Coworking Space ensure to check the genre and quality of the community working them.

Short-Term or Long Term: You need to determine whether you need Coworking Space for long term business needs or for shorter duration. You need to make the selection accordingly based on your fundamental business strategy.

Budget: The important factor to consider is the Coworking Space Cost. You need to consider several factors and compare the deals and cost of different spaces near you prior to making the selection.

Average Cost of Coworking Spaces

Below is the breakup of Average Cost of Coworking Spaces in Dollars! Remember you will be charged monthly, hourly and weekly depending upon the Coworking Space you have opted for.

• The average monthly charge for a dedicated desk in Coworking Space usually range between 326 dollars and 387 dollars.

• For hot desk you will be charged monthly at the rate of 195 dollars.

• The average cost for using Coworking Space per day is around 20 to 23 dollars.

Should You Try Coworking?

If you are new to this concept and want to try out your hands, then ensure to give it a shot by working in Coworking Space near you. Every employee in Coworking Space is there to perform a specific job and if you are working within your designated zone, not on is going to disturb or bother you. If you like making friends and chat with people you will find many local entrepreneurs in Coworking Space that can help you build community at local level. So, giving a try to Coworking Space will definitely be worthwhile for you.

Popular Cities in India for Coworking Spaces

Coworking Office Space Bangalore: Bangalore is one of the first cities in India to bring this concept of Coworking Space. Some of the popular Coworking Spaces in the city include iKeva, CoWrks, and Novel Office.

Coworking Office Space Gurgaon: Another popular city of India known for having the best Coworking Spaces is Gurgaon. The city is dotted with many spaces for Coworking and this includes: Co-Offiz, Awfis, Instaoffice Coworking Space and GoHive.

Coworking Office Space Mumbai: Mumbai is the city that offers you many options of Coworking Space at affordable price. Some of the great place for Coworking includes: WorkLoft, Workafella and Awfis Coworking Space.

Coworking Office Space Noida: The Coworking Space in Noida is designed t support the rapidly growing entrepreneurial ecosystem and some of the options include: Innov8, xSpaces, Oqtagon, Worknest and more.

Coworking Office Space Hyderabad: Hyderabad also offers flexible way to work that fits your schedule and life with wide ranges of Coworking Spaces. Some of the options include Regus, CoKarma, Hatch Station and iKeva HiTec City Hyderabad.

Coworking Office Space Pune: You will find some of the most affordable and highly advanced Coworking Space in Pune including Starthub Cowork Space, Divine Coworking Space, Synergy Office Space, Redbrick Offices and more.

Coworking Office Space Delhi: You will definitely fall in love with some of the Coworking Spaces located across Delhi region. Some of the options include: Innov8 Coworking Space, Stirring Minds, InstaOffice, and Serenia.

Coworking Office Space Chennai: Get customizable office spaces with utility amenities and luxury facilities at some of the Coworking Spaces in Chennai. The options include AtWorks OMR, iKeva and WSquare.

Coworking Office Space Ahmadabad: Discover some of the best suited and fitted Coworking Spaces in Ahmadabad. The city is dotted with many options including Uncubate Coworking Space, Paragraph Coworking Space, Hively Workspace, and Next57 Coworking Space.

Coworking Office Space Chandigarh: Being the prominent city in Northern India, Chandigarh has some the cool Coworking Spaces for solo entrepreneurs, freelances and new start-ups. The option includes: Regal Hive Coworking, Chitkara Innovation Incubator, SpaceJam Coworking, and Innov8.

Coworking Office Space Jaipur: Jaipur also has some of the best and cool spaces for Coworking and the option includes: Suits Cafe, The Maker’s Space, and Mr Cowork.

Coworking Office Space Kolkata: Being the Metro city of India, Kolkata also comprises of some great options of Coworking Space including My Cube, Bhowanipore Nwook and EasyDaftar.

Coworking Office Space Faridabad: If you are looking for some great Coworking Spaces in Faridabad, then consider the option like Serenia, Firangi Cafe, Ideashacks and & work Coworking Space.